Key technologies

In key topics, additional sub-technologies were designed, which are based on the competences contributed by the allies.

Data modeling and semantics

The central challenge is content and structurally correct data modeling for innovative metadata management along the entire value chain. Research in the field of semantic networking of metadata in production and
Distribution processes as well as for use in media archives form the basis for the use of aggregated metadata. The “Digital Media Ontology” (DMO) of the core technology is constantly checked for quality and consistency, extended and mapped to external ontologies.

VOD Accounting Service

Based on the blockchain technology, rights and billing models are mapped using so-called smart contracts, thus automating settlement processes in VoD distribution. After using a movie online, the amount paid will be automatically distributed to the right holders in real time, depending on the billing model.

Media Cloud Workflows

Development of media cloud workflows for location-independent access and technical homogenization of applications. Media systems-optimized transfer systems can consolidate, secure, and process metadata in and out of the cloud.

Cognitive Media Framework

Research into new technologies and algorithms in the field of artificial intelligence for the automated extraction of metadata from media content.

Innovative Subtitling Services

Development of an editor for creating and editing subtitles in all production areas, which can create subtitles independently of the distribution channel and offer flexibility on different platforms without much manual effort. In addition, the editor should have the ability to annotate subtitle files to provide additional information.

Metadata Workflow Management

Development of object- and process-oriented tools based on the automated acquisition and processing of metadata (LMDC) for post production, e.g. Metadata Merger (MME), Metadata Modifier (MMO) and Media-to-Metadata Analyzer (MWA).

non-fiction eco system

Development of an integrated system solution for (meta) data management for the production and distribution of non-fictional program content, starting with the production planning up to the delivery and utilization of the produced non fiction footage material to third parties.