Metadata are the link between production, distribution, archive and audience. As metadata are still underestimated and lost in some cases, other players are making business out of it. The dwerft session explains how different European media houses are dealing with different approaches – forming a picture of what is possible today and tomorrow.

We are happy to be part of this year’s MediaTech Hub Conference in Potsdam! At the conference everything revolves around media technologies in industry and entertainment! We look forward to exciting discussions with our guests Alexander Günther (managing director Sportcast), Jürgen Grupp (business analyst SRG) and Dr. Rainer Schäfer (business area media services and platforms IRT). The dwerft session will take place on November 20., 2019 at 2.00pm in Potsdam.

See you there!

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At the Media Convention Berlin 2019 everything revolved around radical digital rethinking or better said: “Playing for Keeps!” and the dwerft was there! The Media Convention took place from May 6 – 8 at Station Berlin in cooperation with re:publica. Media technologies are the driving force of the digital change. They visualise, network, automate and emotionalise. They thus create new realities and business models. The MediaTech Hub Potsdam bundles the local expertise of specialists and visionaries and brings digital change to life.

The ecosystem of the MTH Potsdam proves that it needs courageous thought leaders with a strong willingness to cooperate. The services and research projects realized here are suitable for everyday use and innovative.

In 60 minutes, four speakers of the MediaTech Hub Potsdam gave valuable insights into the digital solutions of the future: Peter Effenberg about the recently launched research project dwerft and its fundamental solutions for the film industry. Madeleine Wolf wants to accelerate digital education with visionYOU and make it available to all. Sven Slazenger from Interlake helps clients with the digital change from e-learning to mixed reality. And Robert Förster gave insights into the award-winning Artificial Intelligence media start-up Multicast Media.

dwerft2 Kick-Off

On the occasion of the MediaTech Con in Babelsberg the dwerft was on 15.11. in front of about 30 representatives of promoters from region and federal, tech companies and universities together.

Spokeswoman Angelika Hörth presented together with the technical-scientific director Mark Guelbahar the concept of dwerft2, the research companies, the core technology and the subprojects. The presentation was followed by a lively discussion in which all Allies participated and asked questions from the audience.